In 2016, when Invisalign’s patent on the clear aligner expired after enjoying a 30 year monopoly, an opportunity arose; for modern DTC companies to step into the space and try to unseat a giant.

Enter Candid. The founders spotted an opportunity to bring the newly-minted technology of telehealth to the world of orthodontics to bring cost of treatment way down while increasing access for more people than ever before.

Work: Identity, CRM communications, Systems Design, Campaigns, Art Direction, Growth Marketing, Social
Client: Candid


All new photos and video assets were captured which focused on self-expression and did justice to the company name. All new stylized product photography was shot for use everywhere from billboards to social.


A Modular Approach:

For the first national OOH and TV campaign we developed a bold, modular design system with a focus on repetition and brand recall to raise awareness. 

Additionally, this system is an ultra-efficient method of creating the hundreds of executions required with just a small team.


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